Dekton Liquid Shell – Liquid Collection

Dekton Liquid Shell, a poetic addition to the Liquid Collection, pays homage to the serene beauty of the ocean’s depths. This surface design celebrates subtlety and softness, capturing the essence of what lies beneath the waves. It mirrors the rhythmic nature of life, embodying the gentle ebb and flow that softens and shapes, creating new textures and smooth surfaces with each passing current.

Inspired by the moon’s influence on the ocean’s tide, Dekton Liquid Shell features a pearlescent shade, a varying off-white that mimics the delicate hues of seashells. Its surface is adorned with a rippling pattern, reminiscent of the intricate landscape of the ocean floor. This design not only captures the calming influence of the moon on the water but also reflects the interplay of light and shadow on the ocean’s surface.

Dekton Liquid Shell brings a sense of tranquillity and elegance to any space it graces. Whether used for countertops, wall panels, or other applications, this surface evokes the peacefulness of the sea, creating a soothing ambiance and adding a touch of nature’s beauty to interior designs.