Our worktop brands

At Almaz Worktops Ltd, having a choice of the top worktop brands is of added importance. We only partner up with the UK’s leading brands which ensure our clients get the best products.  

Working together with top-brand worktop manufacturers gives us a competitive edge in offering top-quality material with innovative designs and durable finishes.  

Why Choose Us

We always encourage clients when choosing worktops to go with established worktop suppliers & manufacturers. This ensures clients get a high-quality worktop with an excellent warranty policy. 


We pride ourselves on unbeatable customer service and products, providing the best options for quality stone cut.


We offer only quality stone, perfect for kitchen & bathroom worktops with precise measuring, fabrication and installation service 


We have a solid reputation for design and craftsmanship and a offer stunning range of natural shades and coloured stones.

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Top brands have a reputation to uphold. This ensures you get a top-quality product with any of our branded materials.