Our worktop materials

Unless you are in the trade, distinguishing the quality of Granite, Quartz and Marble can be difficult. This is why Almaz Worktops Ltd is here, we are experts in the industry and we have a reputation to uphold. You can rest assured we have double-checked every brand we have partnered with for reliability, quality and workmanship. 

Why Choose Us

There are cheaper brands on the market where quality and warranty are not as comprehensive. At Almaz Worktops Ltd, we are here to guide you through the process of selecting only quality stones to make you a perfect worktop that will last a lifetime.


We use only high-quality premium-grade stone and source stone from established and reputable companies.


All fabrication is carried out in our dedicated workshop by our team of experienced professionals.


Almaz Worktops use state of the art technologically and advanced stone-cutting equipment.


Our team are committed to providing the right material and are happy to make recommendations.