Cimstone 160 Sierra Quartz

Cimstone 160 Sierra Quartz is a beautiful white quartz worktop adorned with subtle speckles. This design combines the timeless elegance of white with delicate, natural-looking speckles that add depth and character to the surface. The speckles, often in shades of grey, beige, or even metallic hues, create a visually appealing texture that can complement various kitchen or bathroom styles.

Quartz worktops, including Cimstone 160 Sierra Quartz, are engineered to be durable, resistant to stains, scratches, and heat. They offer the aesthetic appeal of natural stone while being low-maintenance and easy to clean. With its white base and speckled pattern, Cimstone 160 Sierra Quartz provides a versatile and contemporary option for those seeking a fresh and stylish look for their worktops.