Dekton Malibu – Silverkoast Collection (Polished Finish)

Dekton Malibu, a remarkable addition to the Silverkoast Collection, is a tribute to the serene beauty of California’s coastline. Inspired by the pristine white sand, the captivating reflections of the sun, and the gentle waves breaking on the shorelines, Dekton Malibu boasts subtle and delicate veins meticulously etched on an ivory white background.

With its polished finish, Dekton Malibu exudes a radiant and luxurious aura, reflecting light and creating an atmosphere of sophistication. This surface captures the essence of coastal tranquillity and elegance, making it a perfect choice for those who desire a blend of natural beauty and timeless refinement in their living spaces. Dekton Malibu invites the calming essence of the seaside into any interior, offering a touch of coastal charm and sophistication to every room it graces.