Dekton Morpheus – Onirika Collection (Velvet Finish)

Dekton Morpheus, a masterpiece within the Onirika Collection, is characterized by its pristine white base adorned with various shades, reflections, and flashes of colour in the form of intricate veining. This captivating surface design mimics the enchanting play of light and shadow found in natural stone, adding depth and visual intrigue to any space it graces.

Enhanced with a luxurious velvet finish, Dekton Morpheus exudes a soft and subtle tonality, creating an atmosphere of refined elegance. The surface’s velvety texture enhances the tactile experience while preserving its timeless aesthetic appeal. Morpheus is an embodiment of grace and sophistication, making it a perfect choice for those who seek to infuse their spaces with a touch of contemporary opulence and artistic allure.