Dekton Trance – Onirika Collection

Dekton Trance, a captivating member of the Onirika Collection, mesmerizes with its fluid colour palette and a subtle bluish veil that graces its surface. The background is a harmonious blend of cream and grey tones, creating a soft and elegant backdrop. Within this blend, fine streaks meander gracefully, transitioning between subtle oxides and fading into mesmerizing reddish-gold hues.

This unique combination of colours and delicate veining patterns adds depth and movement to Dekton Trance, giving it a dynamic and enchanting quality. The interplay of tones, from the cool blues to the warm golds, creates a surface that is both calming and visually intriguing. Dekton Trance is a testament to the artistry of nature, translated into a contemporary design that brings a touch of sophistication and allure to any space it adorns.