Dekton Vigil – Onirika Collection (Polished Finish)

Dekton Vigil, a stunning addition to the Onirika Collection, meticulously replicates the robust structure of Calacatta marble. This design features prominent veins in gradients of light and dark greys, creating a striking contrast against the pristine white backdrop. Adding a touch of opulence, Dekton Vigil incorporates subtle hints of gold within its veins, elevating its elegance to another level.

With its polished finish, Dekton Vigil radiates a luxurious shine, enhancing the marble-like allure of the surface. This combination of bold veining, sophisticated colour gradients, and the subtle incorporation of gold details results in a surface that exudes unparalleled sophistication and timeless beauty. Dekton Vigil is a testament to the artistry of natural stone, transformed into a masterpiece of modern design, perfect for spaces that demand the epitome of refinement and grace.