Dekton Lucid – Onirika Collection

Dekton Lucid, a captivating member of the Onirika Collection, boasts a soft cream base adorned with a mesmerizing blend of golden and blue tones. This intricate mix of colours creates a surface that is rich with many shades, reflections, and glints of colour. The interplay of golden and blue hues adds depth and sophistication to the design, creating a surface that exudes elegance and allure.

The subtle nuances and dynamic reflections in Dekton Lucid give it a sense of movement, capturing the eye and inviting closer inspection. This surface is a harmonious blend of warm and cool tones, offering a versatile and sophisticated option for a variety of design styles. Dekton Lucid’s ability to play with light and colour makes it a statement piece in any space, adding a touch of visual intrigue and contemporary charm to interiors and exteriors alike.